Design optimized for these vibrant markets

Secure, reliable and sustainable solutions

Capacity at scale that’s ready when you are

Local, regional and global interconnection

Smart, Scalable Solutions

Kasi is pioneering sustainable data centers that offer local, regional and global access by building new, design optimized interconnection and colocation facilities, and acquiring underutilised sites.

This removes barriers and de-risks emerging markets for potential entrants.

We’re starting our journey in Africa, but our mission is global.


Scalable, reliable and sustainable colocation services with world class cooling tech


Connecting customers directly to global clouds


Interconnection access to all Kasi datacenters, partner datacenters, cable systems and customers


Cloud services toolkit

Why Kasi?

Hyperscalers are looking for a unified operational model across regions, as opposed to the current country by country approach that is difficult to manage and inefficient.

Kasi’s service and value:

State of the art design - optimized for the unique challenges in African markets

A high-value interconnection marketplace

A modular service delivery infrastructure

Business and service velocity

Scalable interconnection with local, regional and global options

Deep sector engineering expertise

World class operational expertise

High-performance facilities for reliability and availability

World-Class Leadership Team

Combined, they’ve worked in senior and leadership roles for companies such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Digital Reality, Equinix, Facebook, Yahoo! and others.

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